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Window Cleaning

Professional regular as well as one-off window cleaning services. 

window cleaning

service features

Competitive prices

Our prices cover not only glass but also frames, sills and front door clean.

Eco Friendly

Never worry about your lawn or pets – our pure water system is 100% environmentally safe.

Free text reminders

Good communication is key -our texts will kindly remind you to unlock the gate for our arrival.

window cleaning

service details

First Clean

The first clean is the deepest clean, due to all of the dirt accumulated since your windows and frames were last cleaned. This clean includes rinsing and scrubbing then rinsing again FRAMES AND GLASS. We use specialised cleaning equipment consisting of a water-fed pole topped with a soft bristle brush fed by ultra PURE deionised water. The windows and frames are left to dry to an amazing, STREAK FREE shine.

Maintenance Cleans

Having your windows and frames cleaned regularly after the first deep clean will maintain them in tip-top condition, with little fuss or disruption. Maintenance cleans are fast and efficient.

Traditional window cleaning cleans the surface of the window but not the frames. With our water-fed pole cleaning system, frames are cleaned every time at NO EXTRA COST.

Cleaner For Longer

As traditional window cleaners use detergents which leave dirt-attracting residue, windows need to be cleaned twice as often on average than with the pure water systems. Deionised pure water technology uses no harmful chemicals which makes it 100% SAFE for you, your plants and pets and the environment. It also means there are no soapy residues left behind on your immaculately cleaned windows to attract dust and other environmental pollutants.

window cleaning

additional advantages


One-Off Window Cleans

We do one off cleans for people who do not require a regular window cleaner. One-off cleans are aproximately 2-3 times the price of regular cleans as maintenance cleans are heavily discounted because there is less work involved and we also like to reward customer loyalty.


Ladder Free Operation

The water-fed pole system makes the use of ladders in most situations redundant, improving safety, increasing privacy and lessening disruption. There is also no damage to landscaped areas such as lawns and flower beds through compaction normally associated ladder use.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Rest assured that if you are unhappy about any aspect of your clean, we will come back and rectify the issue until you are completely satisfied with the job.

window cleaning


Window Cleaning

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